Alece Alderson
Student Veteran and Military Support Services Coordinator
[email protected]
(415) 502-5377

Alece Alderson is thrilled to be supporting the veteran and military population at UCSF. She is dedicated to building community, mentorship programs, and advocating for the military population. Prior to UCSF, Alece spent three years working at Virginia Tech with the Corps of Cadets—a 24/7 military leadership program. Alece welcomes students to visit her at the Student Success Center or make an individual appointment.



Christine Coleman
Veteran Education Benefits Certifying Official
[email protected]
(415) 476-4185

Christine Coleman has served as the VA Certifying Official at UCSF for the past 10 years in her dual role as a Budget Analyst in the Student Financial Aid Office. She finds this to be the perfect balance of assisting students directly and indirectly while also satisfying her need to crunch numbers! Christine is committed to support students, residents, and fellows navigate their VA Benefits throughout their journey at UCSF.

Student Ambassadors
Student ambassadors are representatives from each school or division at UCSF. They act as a point of contact for veterans or people interested in the military. These representatives, or any of the staff serving veterans, will be happy to answer any questions you may have about UCSF, transitioning to UCSF, or general inquiries.


  • Graduate Division


Ezra Kinzer
Navy, Veteran
Graduate Division
[email protected]





  • School of Dentistry


Molly O’Hare
Air Force
School of Dentistry
[email protected]





  • School of Medicine


Edward Kempton
Navy, Veteran
School of Medicine
[email protected]





  • School of Nursing


Nicholas Evans
Navy, Veteran
School of Nursing
[email protected]





  • School of Pharmacy


Jonathan Im
Army, Veteran
School of Pharmacy
[email protected]






Jessica Sodhi
Army, National Guard
School of Pharmacy
[email protected]





  • Physical Therapy

If you are interested in being the Student Ambassador for Physical Therapy, contact [email protected].