UCSF Veteran Support Services is dedicated to providing a welcoming environment for student veterans and active duty service members. It is our goal to help our student veterans navigate UCSF and provide them with a welcoming space, mentoring from other student veterans, guidance on educational benefits, and tools to succeed academically and personally. We value the skills, assets and experiences veterans bring to the UCSF community and are committed to helping them achieve their goals and aspirations.

UCSF Veteran Support Services is under the department of Student Life in the division of Student Academic Affairs. We work collaboratively with various campus departments to serve students from the co-curricular side of their academic experience.

Who is a Veteran at UCSF?

Anyone who is a current or former member of the active duty military, the National Guard, or Reserves regardless of deployment status, combat experience, legal veteran status, or GI Bill use.

Chart Title: UCSF Student Military Status. Active Duty: 9 Reservist: 10 Veteran: 40 National Guard: 1  Chart Title: UCSF Student Military Members by School Dentistry: 12 Graduate Division: 7 Medicine: 13 Nursing: 18 Pharmacy: 10  The chart data is based o